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If you have septic system or grease trap issues or need regular maintenance, count on the EXPERTS at Snyder Septic & Grease Trap Services to get the job done right for a great price.

The EXPERTS at Snyder Septic & Grease Trap Services have been proudly serving the greater Fort Myers area for over 20 years. From residential septic tank pumping and cleanings to commercial grease trap inspections, we can do it all. We are family owned and operated and always here to help with your septic systems.

 - Septic pumping

- Grease trap cleaning

- Drain cleaning

- Septic tank cleaning

- Bio Drain services

Your residential and commercial septic system experts since 1994

We are open Mondays through Fridays:


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Get the job done right the first time!

We can do that too!

Our niche is to keep grease, food solids, corks, plastic bags, silverware and more out of your drain lines. More than you'd expect, we can fit down a three inch drain! We are your eyes and ears in your kitchen every two weeks. Let us help you lower your unexpected, expensive emergencies!


about the environment

The future of our children and grandchildren depends on the decisions we make today. The EXPERTS make it easy and affordable for everyone to erase the waste, and go green. The EXPERTS can help YOU make a difference in the environment, one drain at a time.

Create a better future for your children and grandchildren

Let us maintain your grease traps and drain lines.

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"I just wanted to thank your company for such outstanding service. You guys were very highly recommended and now I see why. Not only did you go above and beyond to come out to my home the same day, but the follow up call I received from Caroline was the icing on the cake. I have never had such amazing customer service. It is a breathe of fresh air to do business which such honest and knowledgeable people. Thank you for everything, cannot put a price on the quality of work you provided"


- Wendy C.